Death is a concept I ponder upon quite frequently. We go through so much only to be punished (or rewarded) with death. We love, work, care, fight, scream only to end in a void - an end of our time. I’ve seen death up close, held my grandfather while he died, a senior passed away a few days after I met him - many more instances too painful to write, and each time I felt there was a story yet left to tell. The desperation for legacy is innate to humans once they realize that death is closer than it seems. I post on Instagram and Twitter as a means of have something to be remembered by, but in all possiblity, you won’t remember me by my work or posts, you’ll remember me for me, till you forget, and that stands for all of Us.

Camus said: “I do not want to believe that death is the gateway to another life. For me it is a closed door”. This is hard to come to terms with, our own death waits for us at the end of time, and with us it takes away our reality, idea and thoughts that we worked so hard to build. Life is a contract that ends with death, that much is clear to me. We can go as far as to state that we get to choose how we die - in a sense.

However, as rejectful as I am of Death, I often feel free due to this reason. Death isn’t always sombre: there are cultures that don’t have a funeral, rather they have a celebration of life - like how one parts with College in a bittersweet fashion. Yes, you can’t meet the person again, but at the same time you’re left with beautiful memories of them. Your time on Earth is over, and beyond a certain window of pain, there is bliss before and after death. I don’t know if Bliss is the right word - some people have lives that are Hell - but I’m sure you know what I mean.

With Death in mind: Live and Love. Getting old isn’t so bad, I’ve seen people in their 50s be active, springful, pursuing their dreams. Life is so beautiful, just be grateful for it everyday. These are some things I remind myself of, daily.